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Complete Workflow: Northland

Complete Workflow-Northland

This course demonstrates the complete developing of my image "Northland" from Lofoten, Norway. Flat RAW files lacking color and contrast are transformed into a dynamic image with dramatic, but balanced, light, contrast, and color. TKActions V5/V6 modules are used throughout the process showing their role in my creative work.

  • Backstory and thought process behind how to develop the image
  • Demonstration of my process for creating dramatic skies that blend perfectly with the rest of the image.
  • An in-depth look at using masks, brushes, and organized layers in a non-destructive image developing process.
  • Numerous examples of generating, selecting, and applying different luminosity masks.
  • Raw adjustments
  • Perspective blending
  • Wave motion blending
  • Cleaning up the image
  • Dodging and burning
  • Color dodging and soft light glow

Demonstrates Lightroom CC Classic, Photoshop CC and TKActions V5/V6 panel. NOTE: These videos do not include the TKActions panel. The panel is purchased separately.

Includes 10 video chapters with nearly 2 hours of content and image files for practice. Tutorials are delivered via download to your computer. 


"The Northland video is PHENOMENAL! Thanks for sharing your passion in more ways than just your images. I hadn't thought of focal length blending before. But the way you brought the "background" to life is an eye opener in not only to my post-processing eyes but also gives me a lot to ponder while conceiving an image in the field."

-Bibek Ghosh,

"I have watched your latest video on complete workflow and wanted to tell you how much I have learned from it. It is fabulous and you are an amazing teache"

-Rachel Schneiderman,


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