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Complete Workflow: Secret Beach


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Frequently requested!  In this video course I take you through the entire workflow on a single image "Secret Beach", from the raw image files to the final mastered image in Photoshop. 

Topics covered include:

  • How to capture the best quality images in the field.
  • Evaluation and thought process behind how to develop the image.
  • Raw adjustments.
  • Perspective adjustments.
  • Working non-destructively.
  • Exposure blending.
  • Wave motion blending.
  • Cleaning up the image.
  • Flare removal using frequency separation.
  • Color balance.
  • Contrast, clarity and tonal balancing adjustments.
  • Utlizing luminoisty masks (and the TKActions panel) for making very refined adjustments.
  • Dodging and burning.
  • Color dodging and soft light glow.

Demonstrates Lightroom CC 2015, Photoshop CC 2015.5 and TKActions V4 panel. NOTE: These videos do not include the TKActions panel. The panel is purchased separately.

Includes 14 video chapters with nearly 2 hours of content and image files for practice. Tutorials are delivered via download to your computer.

Watch a sample time lapse of the entire course.

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your latest tutorial.  Excellent information and really easy to follow.  I can’t imagine the planning and time that goes into creating your tutorials.  They are extremely helpful and much appreciated!"

Brandon Summerrill,

"This tutorial is the perfect companion to Sean's other tutorials. It tied so much of it together and I picked up on a few things I didn't fully understand before that."

- Jesse Smith

"Wow, man! Seeing your entire workflow and how you approach the entire process is going to help me take my photos to the next level. Thanks for what you're doing, keep it up!"

Kris Wyman, Imaginal Imaging Photography