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TKActions Basic Panel

TKActions Basic PanelTony Kuyper's TKActions Basic panel provides an easy method for making luminosity masks using 16-bit calculations. This is a great option if you are brand new to luminosity masks.

It's free, installs into Photoshop CS6 and all versions of Photoshop CC, works on Mac and Windows, comes with instructions and video tutorials and provides many useful features.

                  • "Action-less" actions. All actions are coded directly into the panel. No external actions are required to use the panel.
                  • Adjustment layer creation. The panel generates the necessary Curves and Levels adjustment layers to streamline integration of luminosity masks into the workflow.
                  • "Channels" buttons create masks AND selections. Channel masks make it easy to visualize the mask, and active selections provide easy access to luminosity painting.
                  • Rapid "Clear Channels" button. Quickly cleans the Channels panel of masks to reduce file size.
                  • Active selection indicator. Provides visual feedback that Photshop has an active selection even if it's too weak to generate selection borders or if the marching ants have been turned off.
                  • Rollover help. Moving the mouse over any button provides information on what it does in the white box at the bottom of the panel.
                  • Language switch. Settings dialog offers five language options for the panel's user interface.
                  • There are many ways to use luminosity masks when developing images in Photoshop. Adding them as layer masks on adjustment layers and painting through active luminosity selections masks are the two most common techniques. The Basic panel makes it easy to add both methods to the Photoshop workflow. The "Curves" and "Levels" buttons create adjustment layers with the designated mask in place as the layer mask. The user then makes the desired adjustment. The luminosity mask confines the adjustment to the tones defined by the luminosity layer mask and blends it perfectly into the rest of the image.

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