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TKActions V5/V6 Video Guide

V5 Video Guide

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This video series provides instruction on how to use the TKActions V5/V6 panel in Photoshop CC. The TKActions panel transforms the way we use luminosity masks. Smaller, smarter, faster, and more fun to use, it is the ultimate resource to understand, access, and add luminosity masks to a creative workflow. This tutorial series will help you get up and running with the V5 and V6 quickly. The videos cover how to install the panel, how every module and button works as well as ideas for how to incorporate the panel into a creative image-developing workflow.

NOTE: These videos do not include the TKActions V5/V6 panel. The TKActions panel is purchased as a separate item on the Tutorials page, along with my other video courses.

Video series includes:

  • 28 video chapters covering installation, features and using the TKActions V5/V6 panel
  • Over 3 hours of in-depth instruction
  • 1440 x 900 resolution, MP4 video format
  • Practice images


"Thank you for your detailed videos and explanations. You always set exactly the right pace and talk about the right amount of information and detail in your videos which makes it very easy to understand some of these very complex concepts. I also really enjoy your images. Thank you!!"

- Batu Berkok

 Sample Chapters


Table of Contents

1 - V5 Video Guide Intro
2 - TKActionV5 Intro by Tony Kuyper
3 - Installing The Panel Modules
4 - Important Color Space Settings
5 - Make A Custom V5 Photoshop Workspace
6 - About Other TKActions Panels
7 - New Features In TKActions V5
8 - the Control Module
9 - The Intro Module
10 - The RapidMask Module
11 - V5 RapidMask Advances
12 - The LayerMask Auto-Apply Module
13 - Visualizing Luminosity Masks On A Tone Gradient
14 - Actions Module - Vignette Clarity and Dust Removal
15 - Actions Module - Frequency Separation
16 - Actions Module - Triple Play
17 - Actions Module - Programmable Buttons
18 - Actions Module - Color Actions
19 - Saturation Masks and Saturation Painting
20 - Actions Module - Web Sharpening
21 - Complete Workflow With The V5 Panel
22 - V5 Updated Features January 2017
23 - V5 Updated Features April 2017
24 - V6 RapidMask2 Intro
25 - V6 RapidMask2 Main Features
26 - V6 RapidMask2 - Layer Mask Mode
27 - V6 RapidMask2 - User Created Color Masks
28 - V6 RapidMask2 - Saturation and Vibrance