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Awards and Exhibits


Windland Smith Rice Nature's Best International Awards 2012
International Conservation Photography Awards 2012 Landscapes Third Place
International Conservation Photography Awards 2010 , "Shadow Lands"
Windland Smith Rice Nature's Best International Awards 2009, Two Highly Honored Photos
NANPA Expressions Showcase 2009, Four Showcase Winners and One Journal Winner
International Concervation Photography Awards 2008, One Category Winner and One Highly Honored
Windland Smith Rice Nature's Best International Awards 2008, Creative Digital Winner
NANPA Expressions Showcase 2008, Three Showcase Winners and One Journal Winner
Environmental Photography Invitational, "Winter Shore" Highly Commended, 2007
NANPA Expressions Showcase 2007
Environmental Photography Invitational 2006


Rogue Valley Manor Show Opening

Knight Law School Exhibit, University of Oregon, 2012

Bohemia Gallery Exhibit, Ashland, 2012

Illahe Gallery Solo Show, Ashland, March 2011

Rogue Valley Manor Solo Show, July 2010

Illahe Gallery Group Photography Show, May 2010

Bohemia Gallery, SOPF Group Show, Ashland, 2009Ashland Art Center, Artist Studio, 2009 to present

Rogue Gallery, Of Our Time and Place, Medford, 2009

Studio 5, SOPF Group Show, Ashland, 2008Lithia Springs Hotel, Ashland, 2009

Ashland Artisan Gallery, Ashland, Resident Artist 2007-2009

Pangea, Ashland, 2007

The Mobius, Ashland, 2007

LACDA Top 40, Los Angeles, 2007NANPA Impressions Showcase, 2007EPI Showcase, Art Wolfe Gallery, Seattle, 2007

Beacon Hill Clay Gallery, Ashland, 2006

McCloud Book Gallery, McCloud, 2006

Snap To Grid, Los Angeles, 2006

Environmental Photography Invitational, Art Wolfe Gallery, Seattle, 2006

University of Oregon Law Building, Eugene, 2006

Plaza Cafe, Ashland, 2005