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Fine art landscape, nature and travel photography by Sean Bagshaw

  • Social Photography: Road Tripping With Friends

    Check out the video I put together from a recent bout of photo-wandering I did in California with my good buds, Zack and David. Apologies for all dorkiness in advance.




  • Tangerine Dream - Badwater, Death Valley


    The rain this winter allowed a thin layer of water to pool on the Badwater salt flat in Death Valley National Park. Zack, David and I spent the twilight hour exploring the patterns, reflections and glowing light one evening on our recent road trip. The next day my shoes were completely encased in a crusty rime of salt. For scale, if you look closely you may see another photographer out in the water toward the horizon.

    Canon 5DMK4, 22mm, polarizer, 1 second, f/16, ISO 100. The expanded dynamic range of the 5DMK4 allowed me to capture this scene in a single exposure quite easily. The dynamic range wasn't extreme, but too much to get it all in one exposure with good shadow quality on the 5DMK3.

  • Red Racer - Death Valley National Park

    Red RacerI finally made it out to the Racetrack in Death Valley while road-tripping with the boyz a couple weeks ago. Super clear skies were calling out for a starry night shot. Zack and I spent a chilly hour or two experimenting with different light painting techniques. The one I liked the most was the red "night vision" setting on Zack's headlamp. We selected this particular sailing stone because it had a wonderful S-shaped track. For the land exposure, we set the long exposure timer for 4 minutes, carefully walked the track with the light pointed at the ground, groped our way back to the cameras in complete darkness...and then adjusted our technique and repeated. We had lots of screw ups. For developing I blended one 2-minute natural starlight exposure together with the red, light painted exposure. The starry sky is from a third25-secondd exposure to avoid star-trailing.

    If you aren't familiar with the Racetrack or how the famous "Sailing Stones" move around the playa check out THIS VIDEO.

    Canon 5D4, Rokinon 14mm lens. Natural light exposure: 2 minutes f/5.6, ISO 6400. Light painted exposure: 4 minutes, f/5.6, ISO 1600. Sky exposure: 25 seconds, f/2.8, SIO 6400.

  • Red Velvet - Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

    Working on some images to submit for a book on Costa Rica gave me a chance to revisit photographs that were forgotten in my archives from several years ago. This image of a moody sunset at Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica apparently fell through the cracks the first time around. I remember the sky that night was ominous and mesmerizing. I took advantage of the darkness to take a 25-second exposure and create the velvety surf.

    Canon 5D3, 24mm, polarizer, F/18, ISO 100. Two exposures, 2.5 seconds and 25 seconds, blended for dynamic range and water texture.

  • "Frost Light" - Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park

    Yosemite Falls resplendent in frost and glancing morning sun with the valley still shrouded in shadow. I took this while out on road trip with my good buds, David Cobb and Zack Schnepf last week. We shacked up in the Falcon for seven days. More bad jokes, laughing and flatulence than most people could handle.

    Canon 5D MK4, 47mm, polarizer, 1/20 second, f/11, ISO 100.

  • Ghost Forest - Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile


    Fires have burned large sections of Torres del Paine NP in the last 20 years, many of them apparently set off accidentally by backpackers. I never like to see beautiful landscapes burn, but fire is part of the ecological process and these burned out trees do create impact and help tell this particular visual story.

    Canon 5DsR, 25mm, Polarizer. 1/10 second @ f/18, ISO 100.

  • Moments Of Light

    Moments Of Light

    "Moments of Light"


    It rained ferociously during our Photo Cascadia gathering in Bandon, Oregon the weekend of January 8th, 2017, but we did have a few beautiful moments of light at sunset our first night. It was great to be there on the beach with good friends, enjoying the sights and sounds. Moments like these are the ones that can last a lifetime.

    Canon 5DSR, 25mm, polarizer, 1 second, f/22 (for sun star), ISO 100. Two exposures blended for foreground wave motion and reflection color.

  • The Harmony of Fall in Slovenia and Croatia

    Wow! I came across this wonderful time-lapse photography of Slovenia and Croatia in the autumn by Enrique Pacheco. The timing and conditions for our Oct. 2017 photo tour should be perfect. At this time we have one spot for Slovenia and a couple for Croatia. The tour leaders will be David Cobb, Luka Esenko and myself. Truly a trip of a lifetime. Join us! More information here: http://www.outdoorexposurephoto.com/photoblog/category/photography-workshops/

    The Harmony of Fall from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

  • Photo Tour Patagonia - March 2016


    This trip is now full.

    Thinking of the far away land of Chile and Argentina at the tip of South America evokes images of soaring mountain ranges, picturesque peaks and photogenic lakes and prairies.

    March 6 - 21, 2016

    Sean Bagshaw and Christian Heeb

    Presented by the Cascade Center of Photography

    Contact the Cascade Center of Photography to be added to the waiting list.


    I am excited to be teaming up with internationally renowned travel photographer, Christian Heeb, for this once in a lifetime Patagonia Photo Tour to some of the world's most spectacular sights for Nature and Landscape photographers. I hope you can join us on this adventure!

    A small group of photographers will have the opportunity to join us while we travel in all wheel vehicles from the southern Chilean city of Punta Arenas along the Andes Mountains to the the stunning lake district near Bariloche in Argentina. We will visit and photograph a penguin colony, the incredible glacier Perito Moreno, the granite mountain peaks of Torres del Peine National Park and the legendary mountain, Fitz Roy. We will have the opportunity to experience the wide open spaces of Argentina's high plains with opportunities to meet the Gauchos, Argentina's Cowboys, and observe an array of wildlife from foxes to Guanacos and condors while traveling through this great land.

    As an option we are offering a week long ad-on trip to Easter Island following the Patagonia photo tour.


    • Penguins
    • Andes Mountains
    • Fitz Roy Mtn.
    • Perito Moreno Glacier
    • Torres Del Paine National Park
    • Los Alerces National Park
    • Bariloche and Lake Distrcit
    • Gauchos and endless plains
    • Easter Island optional ad-on


  • Exposure Blending and Developing for Extended Dynamic Range - June 2016

    When: June 2 & 3, 2016

    Where: Cascade Center of Photography, Bend, OR

    Price: $415 ($395 early registration)

    Course Level: Advanced

    More information and Registration

    Join Sean for an intensive two day workshop in exposure blending and other developing techniques that make his high contrast landscape photographs possible. Learn how to use Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop to achieve high quality, natural looking, high dynamic range images. This workshop intended for those who already use Photoshop confidently and are generally familiar with the menus, tools and adjustments as well as how to work with layers, selections and masks. The course will expand upon Sean's popular video tutorial series, Developing for Extended Dynamic Range.



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