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  • Palouse (with David Cobb) - August, 2015

    PalouseThis workshop has filled. Contact David Cobb at the link below to be added to the waiting list.

    When: August 7-10, 2015

    Where: Eastern Washington

    Price: $425

    This workshop is part of David Cobb's Best of the Northwest workshop series.

    Information and Registration

    The pastoral Palouse is one of the most photographed areas in Washington. Wee will be visiting some of the barns, landscapes, and wheat fields during the peak of harvest season.

  • The Sawtooth Mountains (with David Cobb) - September 2015

    SawtoothsThis workshop has filled. Contact David Cobb at the link below to be added to the waiting list.

    When: September 18-21, 2015

    Where: Stanley, Idaho

    Price: $425

    This workshop is part of David Cobb's Best of the Northwest workshop series.

    Information and Registration

    Based in Stanley, Idaho this workshop takes us on an adventure to jagged mountains, reflective lakes, colorful fall aspen, and a ghost town. If conditions permit, we will also have a night shoot to photograph star trails over the mountains.

  • Eastern Sierra During the Season of Fall Color - October 2015

    Landscape & Night Photography

    with Sean Bagshaw and Christian Heeb

    October 18 - 22, 2015

    This workshop has filled. Contact the Cascade Center of Photography to be added to the waiting list.

    Presented by the Cascade Center of Photography
    More information, itinerary and registration

    Price: per person/private room $2450

    Workshop Includes

        • Transportation from and to Reno
        • Private accommodations
        • Entry fees and permits
        • Professional photography instruction and image reviews throughout

    Join Sean Bagshaw and Christian Heeb on a fantastic photographic journey to capture the treasures of the Eastern Sierra region of California during the season of fall colors. During the workshop we will visit stunning locations with jagged mountains, alpine lakes, yellow aspen, desert badlands, amazing geological formations, the oldest trees on earth and even a remote ghost town.

    This Photo Workshop will not only focus on daytime photography but night photography as well. Learn how to capture star illuminated landscapes, or give them a different feel with a little light painting. Among other topics, Sean will give a presentation on how to successfully take and develop night landscape photographs.

    About Christian Heeb: Christian is known worldwide for his stunning Photo images of scenic landscapes, lush environments as well as vibrant city scenes. He may be best known for his images of Native American People and has published over 130 coffee table books, countless calendars and numerous magazine articles. Christian has spent the last 25 years traveling the globe, over 5 continents and 70 different countries. His images, rich in color with a dramatic perspective, capture the flavor and splendor of each unique location. More at heebphoto.com


  • The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks - November 2015

    Stormy Coast

    This workshop has filled. Contact the Cascade Center of Photography to be added to the waiting list.

    When: November 21-22, 2015

    Where: Cascade Center of Photography, Bend, OR

    Price: $395

    Course Level: Advanced

    Registration and More Information

    Luminosity Masks provide a very advanced and finely tuned method of applying image adjustments in Photoshop based on the luminosity values of an image. In this intensive two day class Sean will demonstrate and teach a variety of powerful Luminosity Mask techniques that he uses in his image developing. Each day of the class will be divided between instruction time and work time in which participants will have time to practice the techniques on laptops with Sean's guidance. Learning to successfully incorporate Luminosity Masks into a Photoshop workflow can be quite challenging, so being able to watch, ask questions and learn directly from Sean should prove helpful and valuable. This workshop intended for those who already use Photoshop confidently and are generally familiar with the menus, tools and adjustments as well as how to work with layers, selections and masks.

    Now-Comes-SpringThis class will cover:

    • Basics of Luminosity Masks
    • Using Tony Kuyper's TKActions Panel
    • Selecting The Right Mask
    • Tonal Balance Adjustments
    • Brightness/Contrast Adjustments
    • Saturation Adjustments
    • Saturation Masking
    • Color Balance Adjustments
    • Clarity and Sharpening Adjustments
    • Blending Mode Adjustments
    • Magic Mid-Tones
    • Increased Tone Separation
    • Burn or Dodge a Mask
    • Painting a Mask
    • Masking The Mask
    • Luminosity Painting
    • Hand-Blending High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images Using Luminosity Masks

    The basic outline of the class will be based on Sean's popular video tutorial series, The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks, and will incorporate the use of Tony Kuyper's Photoshop actions and custom TKActions Panel. For participants who do not already own the actions and/or the video tutorials but would like to, they are available for purchase through Sean's website at a discount. After registering for the class contact Sean for the discount code.

  • The Central Oregon Cascades - August 2016

    Sparks Lake and South Sister with summer wildflowers.Sean Bagshaw & David Cobb

    This workshop has filled. Contact the Cascade Center of Photography to be added to the waiting list.

    When: August 19 - 21, 2016

    Where: Bend, Oregon

    Price: $425

    Presented by the Cascade Center of Photography
    More information, itinerary and registration

    Join northwest photographers and Photo Cascadia members, Sean Bagshaw and David Cobb to photograph the dramatic landscapes of Central Oregon. This weekend workshop will focus on landscape photography techniques at three different locations and also includes classroom image developing instruction.


    During the sessions in the field Sean and David will be on hand to help with various techniques including camera settings, depth of field, composition, high dynamic range exposures and understanding light. The field shoots will take place in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday and in the Evening on Saturday. Each day after the morning shoot the group will convene at the Cascade Center Of Photography for a lesson in the digital developing techniques Sean and David use to create their mastered fine art landscape images. This workshop will have a good balance of Photoshop instruction and shooting in the field. We will spend about three hours in the classroom each day. This includes time to work on your own images with guidance. Instructions will be done using Lightroom and Photoshop so bring a laptop.

  • Southern Oregon Coast with David Cobb - November 2016

    Teardrop Of SkyThis workshop has filled. Contact David Cobb at the link below to be added to the waiting list.

    When: November 11-14, 2016

    Where: Bandon, Oregon

    Price: $425

    This workshop is part of David Cobb's Best of the Northwest workshop series.

    Information and Registration

    Based in Bandon,we'll be photographing picturesque shorelines, dramatic cliffs, lighthouses, and sea stacks of the southern Oregon coast. If conditions permit we'll try light painting at night.



  • Grants Pass Presentation: Photographing and Developing for High Dynamic Range

    Grants Pass Camera Club Third Wednesday Meeting

    First Christian Church Fellowship Hall
    305 SW H St Grants Pass, OR

    Wednesday, January 21, 2015 7 - 9 pm

    Presentation: Photographing and Developing For High Dynamic Range free and open to the public

    Club website and contact


    A common occurrence when photographing the landscape is that our images don't match what we saw. The brighter areas in an image may be completely overexposed or shadow areas may appear totally black. This is because the dynamic range, or contrast, we encounter in nature is often at the edge of or beyond what our cameras can record in a single exposure. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome challenges of high dynamic range light, both in the camera and in developing. Sean's presentation will look at different types of natural light, how to evaluate the dynamic range in a scene and several techniques for controlling the dynamic range in your images.

  • My Favorite Photographs From 2014

    As 2014 draws down to it's final day, I'm reminded that it is time to write this once yearly article and share my favorite images from the last 12 months. All credit actually must go to Jim Goldstein, who for the past eight years has curated his now famous and highly anticipated Best Photos project. Every year Jim invites photographers from around the world to look back at their year, reflect on their images and agonizingly select just a few that feel significant. Over 300 photographers contributed last year alone. The 2014 edition will come out the week after New Years and the previous seven editions of The Best Of articles are always available on Jim's blog.

    It is a great tradition on many levels. Looking back at one's work over an entire year is a valuable exercise for a photographer. It is a challenge to look through hundreds, or thousands, of images and decide which ones call out for a closer look, remind us of memorable moments, mark milestones or communicate something that will impact others. Being included in Jim's list is also a fun way to participate in the photographic community, contribute to the growing interest in photography as an art form and connect with other like minded people who share a passion for outdoor photography. Furthermore, I look forward to spending a good evening, or three, exploring the photography of others who contribute their year's best. Every year I am introduced to compelling imagery by people I wouldn't otherwise know about and I learn from and get inspired by the creativity and adventurous spirit of others.

    Without further rambling, I present my favorite photographs (and some short narration to go with them) from 2014. I hope you enjoy and I wish you many life affirming adventures in 2015! Please share which ones you like best, or anything else for that matter, in the comments below. (You can click on images if you would like to view them larger)


    Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park, Big Island of Hawaii


    I enjoy the warm, saturated light, the symmetry of the rocks and the dynamic water motion in this scene I found just hours after arriving on the Big Island of Hawaii in February.

    Hala Trees, Waipio Valley, Big Island of Hawaii

    Hala Trees

    I was fascinated by the Seussian character of this forest in the Waipio Valley on Hawaii. Intrigued by the shapes, tones and subtle light, I chose to showcase these features and go without color.

    Lands End

    Land's End

    The rugged coastline of Southern Oregon is some of the most dramatic on the planet as far as I'm concerned. One evening in March, after many previous visits to this spot, David Cobb and I were treated to a sunset that helped convey its beauty in a photograph. I particularly like the tree on the headland in the distance.

    Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta Revisited, Shasta Valley, California

    Lunar Eclipse Revisited

    In 2007 I first photographed a lunar eclipse over Mt. Shasta. Since then my technique and equipment have improved but I had been waiting for a chance to revisit the theme. My opportunity finally came in April, with a total lunar eclipse on a cloudless night.

    Now Comes Spring

    Now Comes Spring

    Lupine may be my favorite flower on the earth so this meadow took my breath away. When I saw the sun sinking through a layer of thin clouds I knew the conditions for photographing the lupine with back light would be optimal. Their slender height makes them very challenging to photograph since the slightest breeze sets them swaying.


    The Gift Tree

    My favorite rhododendron in my favorite redwood grove. Myself and others have photographed it many times, but one evening in May all the elements for magic came together: flowers, light fog and soft, warm light from the setting sun.

    Storybook Land, Lake Bled, Slovenia

    Storybook Land

    Slovenia is perhaps the most picturesque small country I have visited, with craggy Alps, lakes, medieval villages, castles, church spires, waterfalls, canyons and enchanted forests. My childhood storybook vision played out in front of my camera one morning at Lake Bled.



    Piran is a classic walled village on Slovenia's coast. At night, light, shadow, color, setting and mood all play together. Through my camera I was transported to a past time.


    Autumn Thunder

    Zack Schnepf and I were constantly on the job in Colorado during the fall this year. Out of all the memorable scenes we photographed on that trip, this sunset storm light in the Gothic Valley near Crested Butte stands out.



    Aspen trees, in addition to having brilliant fall color, have a cartoonish, human quality. To me this grove looked like a group of old friends getting together.


    True Grit

    Another spectacular light show in the mountains of Colorado. The quality of light combined with the dramatic peaks, dusting of snow and yellow aspen made this one of the best outdoor visual experiences I had all year.

  • Can/Am Photo Expo 2015


    March 20, 21, 22, 2015

    Buffalo Niagara Marriott, Amherst, NY

    Information and Registration

    Join us for three days of photography education with the industry's top photographers, including Rick Sammon, Sean Bagshaw, David Cross, Don Komarechka, Neal Urban, Roman Kurwyczk and more.

    We will have model shoots and other photo opportunities, a trade show, conference workshops in a variety of levels that will appeal to all photographers from beginner to professional, as well as print and slide salons.

  • Olympic National Park (with David Cobb) - Sept, 2014

    Where Clouds Diverge

    This workshop has filled. Contact David Cobb at the link below to be added to the waiting list.

    When: September 5-8, 2014

    Where: Olympic National Park, Washington

    Price: $400

    This workshop is part of David Cobb's Best of the Northwest workshop series.

    Information and Registration

    I will be teaming up with David Cobb as we explore the wild coastline of Washington's famous Olympic Peninsula. This workshop will concentrate on ocean scenics, dense moss-covered rainforests, spectacular beaches, and tidepools of Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

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