• My Conversation With Matt Payne On The F-stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast


    On November 20 I sat down (virtually) with Matt Payne to chat about landscape photography for his podcast, F-Stop Collaborate and Listen.

    We had a great time talking about a variety of topics including

    • - Our respective journeys into landscape photography
    • - How to create visual impact in your photography
    • - Motivations to keep shooting
    • - The creation of Photo Cascadia
    • - Conservation and the sharing of locations

    You can listen to our conversation here (email subscribers may need to click the link above to listen on the web):

    Make sure to go to the podcast page to check out the other great conversations Matt has recorded with photographers like

    Also, since we recorded our conversation, F-Stop Collaborate and Listen is being featured by Outdoor Photographer Magazine and will also be available on their website every month, so congratulations to Matt on that!

  • Available Light Images Podcast Interview

    Wow, I have really neglected my blog this summer. I put it down to a combination of focus on other projects, writing for other blogs and the opportunity to spend some quality time with my family during summer school holidays. I have plenty of great photography content to share so I just need to get back in the groove.

    I can start out by sharing a podcast interview I did this summer with the talented and insightful Alister Benn at Available Light Images. Alister hails from Scotland, lives in Spain and travels the world with his wife from China making stunning photographs. Alister's photographic talent combined with his enthusiasm for adventure, natural beauty and ambitious photography related projects make him one of the most intriguing new voices in contemporary photography. Add to that his really cool Scottish accent and he's the full package. In July we sat down over a Skype connection and had a great chat in which Alister interviewed me about everything from artistic philosophy to cutting edge digital image developing techniques. I had a great time talking with him and appreciated his thorough and insightful questions.

    You can listen to my conversation with Alister here.

    He also has podcasts of interviews with two other talented photographers:

    Guy Tal is one of my favorite contemporary photographers and writers from the American west. Few people speak on the topic of fine art photography as well as Guy. You can listen to Guy's podcast here.

    David Clapp is a British Photographer with a great reputation for superb images of many diverse subjects from Architecture, Travel & Culture, and of course, contemporary Landscapes. You can listen to David's podcast here.

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