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  • Moments Of Light

    Moments Of Light

    "Moments of Light"


    It rained ferociously during our Photo Cascadia gathering in Bandon, Oregon the weekend of January 8th, 2017, but we did have a few beautiful moments of light at sunset our first night. It was great to be there on the beach with good friends, enjoying the sights and sounds. Moments like these are the ones that can last a lifetime.

    Canon 5DSR, 25mm, polarizer, 1 second, f/22 (for sun star), ISO 100. Two exposures blended for foreground wave motion and reflection color.

  • My Favorite Images From 2010

    Despite their ubiquity this time of year, I always look forward to year end reviews in which we, as a society, look back at the previous year and what came of it. There is something intrinsically valuable about the practice of remembering the year gone, both personally and as a community. I appreciate the sense of closure it gives; a sort of taking stock and clearing of the air, a brief pause before barreling toward the future again. We do this for all aspects of life. The media loves to inundate us with lists and images recalling the year in politics, movies, economics, environmental crises and sport. Many of us take stock of what our personal lives brought in the past year as well.

    Like many of my photographer colleagues, much of my year is wrapped up in the places I traveled and the photographs I made. Much effort and time is spent in pursuit of those few defining images that rise above the rest. They alone tell the story of my success or failure to communicate the vision I strive to capture and share. Despite success or failure, it is really about going for the ride. Whatever the outcome I take heart in adding another year to my photography story.

    With those thoughts in mind I share some of my favorite images taken in 2010. Enjoy.

    Camino de Oro

    Camino de Oro, Guanajuato, Mexico

    Lost In A Winter Forest, Crater Lake, Oregon

    Copper Coast, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

    Shasta Lavender, California

    Sparks Lake Columbine, Oregon

    Twilight Grove, Redwood National Park, California

    Unforgettable Fire, Cascade Pass, Washington

    Mineral de Pozos Doorways, Mexico

    Teardrop Of Sky, Bandon, Oregon

    Starvation Creek, Columbia Gorge, Oregon

    Thanks for looking. I'd love to read any comments questions you might like to share, so please post those below. If you're feeling it, please share this blog on your social media site of choice. Here's to 2011!

  • Finally Some New Images On The Site

    I really enjoy almost every aspect of the work I do. Going out in search of light and visually enticing scenes to photograph takes effort, but it is also good fun and a worthy challenge. The countless hours I spend painstakingly guiding each image through my workflow, applying the processing and developing skills I have learned over the last decade is also quite enjoyable and rewarding too. So is producing prints, and sharing my images with others on various websites, in publicatons and at galleries and exhibits. However, I have to admit that the tide of progress often stops flowing when it comes time to introduce new images on my own website. We all have portions of our work that is less engaging and more tedious than others. The process of putting new images on my site, which is the way that I share them with my largest audience, requires several layers of work I don't particularly look forward to.

    I'll spare you all the details, but in brief it requires renumbering all the images to be uploaded, creating web sized images and thumbnails for each image, giving each image a title, keywords, caption and the organizing it into various departments and categories within the structure of my site. Once all the data entry is complete the database is uploaded to the software that uses the information to create the web pages and link structure for the new content. Any mistakes or typos cause havoc on my site, so I have to look carefully for bugs, repair them in the database and then allow the software to build the site again. Depending on how many images there are, the entire process can take me as much as a week.

    Needless to say, this chore often slips off the top of my to do list to make way for more engaging or more pressing business. It has been nearly eight months since I last added new images to but I finally got it done. The good news is that there is now a large collection of new work created in the last year up on my site just waiting to meet the public. If you are keen to take a look at the photography I've been up to I invite you to take a look at my latest additions.

    I wonder when I'll catch up with the hundreds of stock images still waiting for their turn to see the light of day?

  • July 2007: New Photographs Added to My Art Print Collection

    The longer I photograph, the harder it becomes to create new photographs that surpass my previous efforts and include all the elements of light, composition, design and vision that I want to achieve in my work. In the past couple of months I have taken thousands of photographs, but just a few have made the cut for inclusion in my print collection. I hope you enjoy my latest offerings.

    To view the latest additions click HERE.

  • New Prints On

    I have been doing my best to get out during the colder months. Winter is not my most productive time for photography, but I really like how snow and ice can transform a familiar place into something unexpected. Everything is much more still and quiet in winter and snow makes everything look clean and simple. The warm tones of a sunset or sunrise stand out against the cool blues found in shaded snow and ice. I also like that I don't have to get up at 3 AM to catch the sunrise!

    Click HERE to view new prints recently added to my collection at

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