Friends of John & Teri Wimberley

John Wimberley is an important photographer, teacher and friend. When His wife Teri was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma we were all shocked and saddened by the news. Several fine art photographers have created portfolios of work to be given away in a benefit raffle. Click the image below for more information. To purchase tickets contact Robert Brummitt at 503-614-0161 or email at

  • Kristi Newton

    John and Teri welcomed and embraced my daughter, Katie, last year when she was at Southern. John worked with Katie one-on-one as her passion is the silver print. Teri was just as enthused having Katie photograph with her one of the local dance troupes. Not only are both talented artists they are fantastic, gracious, generous people. We've supported this and the other raffle coordinated by Joan Carpenter and David Lorenz Winston. Spread the word!