My Favorite Images From 2010

Despite their ubiquity this time of year, I always look forward to year end reviews in which we, as a society, look back at the previous year and what came of it. There is something intrinsically valuable about the practice of remembering the year gone, both personally and as a community. I appreciate the sense of closure it gives; a sort of taking stock and clearing of the air, a brief pause before barreling toward the future again. We do this for all aspects of life. The media loves to inundate us with lists and images recalling the year in politics, movies, economics, environmental crises and sport. Many of us take stock of what our personal lives brought in the past year as well.

Like many of my photographer colleagues, much of my year is wrapped up in the places I traveled and the photographs I made. Much effort and time is spent in pursuit of those few defining images that rise above the rest. They alone tell the story of my success or failure to communicate the vision I strive to capture and share. Despite success or failure, it is really about going for the ride. Whatever the outcome I take heart in adding another year to my photography story.

With those thoughts in mind I share some of my favorite images taken in 2010. Enjoy.

Camino de Oro

Camino de Oro, Guanajuato, Mexico

Lost In A Winter Forest, Crater Lake, Oregon

Copper Coast, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Shasta Lavender, California

Sparks Lake Columbine, Oregon

Twilight Grove, Redwood National Park, California

Unforgettable Fire, Cascade Pass, Washington

Mineral de Pozos Doorways, Mexico

Teardrop Of Sky, Bandon, Oregon

Starvation Creek, Columbia Gorge, Oregon

Thanks for looking. I'd love to read any comments questions you might like to share, so please post those below. If you're feeling it, please share this blog on your social media site of choice. Here's to 2011!

  • Jon Cornforth

    Sparks Lake & Unforgettable Fire are my favorites! Best wishes & continued success to you in 2011.

  • Bret Edge

    This is one of the finest 2010 collections I've viewed yet, Sean. Outstanding work. I'm in love with "Lost in a Winter Forest" and "Sparks Lake". Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Trudy

    These photographs are beautiful. I want to live in your pictures. :)

  • David Richter

    Very nice selection, Sean. Always great to look back and gaze upon the fruits of our labor - or in this case, your labor and dedication. Shasta Lavender and Unforgettable Fire would clearly mark my favorites here. Both for a stunning light show and showcasing not the usual suspects.

  • Ron Niebrugge

    Those are great Sean!

  • Patrick Endres

    Wonderful and compelling work. I'm particularly fond of Teardrop and the Lavendar is remarkable.

  • Anne McKinnell

    An outstanding collection Sean, you had a great year. I also love the Teardrop image from Bandon.

  • Russ Bishop

    Awesome collection Sean. You really had a fantastic year!

  • Kristi Gomez

    Very incredible photos. I recognized Pozos and the streets of Quanajuato. Thanks for sharing....

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  • Greg Vaughn

    Obivously you had some great success and a wonderful ride in 2010. Here's to more of the same in 2011!

  • Karan Kauchhur

    Beautiful Images !!

  • Jackson Frishman

    Amazing collection Sean! Very hard to pick favorites here, every one is just glowing and splendidly composed. Copper Coast stands out to me, though, in a way coast images usually don't. The lavender shot is way up there too!

  • Digital Photography Fan

    These are truly them all!

  • Michael Greene

    Awesome images Sean. I like Camino de Oro and Shasta Lavender the best. Have a wonderful new year!


  • Michael Greene

    Awesome images Sean. I especially like Camino de Oro and Shasta Lavender. Have a wonderful new year!


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  • chris

    I love you colors in all the pictures! If I had to pick a favorite I would probably say the doorways shot from Mexico is my favorite. You have put together an amazing set of images though! I love em!

    Very nice work, glad I found you through Jim's Blog!

  • Youssef Ismail

    Nice work Sean. Your images have a very clean crisp feeling.

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  • Phil Colla

    Sean, I should drop comments on your blog more often, my apologies. I see your photography often on the web and really admire it. Virtually every one of your photos produces a knee jerk reaction in me -- "I want to go there and see that". Congrats on a very good year!

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