Landscape Newsletter From f-stop

f-stop is a company that makes camera packs and bags for active outdoor photographers. I am a member of their professional photographer Brigade Team, along with the rest of the Photo Cascadia crew, but I don't get paid to use their gear. I use their stuff because, better than any other camera bags I have tried, they fit my requirements for durability, comfort, features, innovation and versatility.

As one of their team of photographers they recently showcased my photography in their newsletter. I don't have design skills to create such a visually captivating newsletter layout so I decided I would take advantage of the nice work they did and share their newsletter here on my blog. If you are looking for a camera bag I would certainly give them a look. I have extensively used their Guru, Loka and Tilopa packs with several different size ICUs so I'm glad to do my best to answer any questions about their products you might have.