New Article On The PhotoCascadia Blog: Searching For What Is Not Literally There

My most recent article on the Photo Cascadia blog explores the challenge photographers face in translating experience, inner vision and "voice" in a way that they still resonate within the static, two dimensional photograph. Ansel Adams' advice to look beyond what is literally there and instead identify something from within you that draws you to the scene has been very helpful to me. To make our photographs more than just pictures of things it helps to identify the qualities of a scene that stimulate us and allow that information to guide what the photograph should really be about.

You are invited to read the entire article on the PhotoCascadia blog.

  • Mike Gaudaur

    Ironic! Following the link to Searching for What Is Not Literally There leads me to a page that says it is not there. I have really been enjoying what you have written and would like to read this post if you could direct me to it.

  • Sean Bagshaw

    Hi Mike, That's very strange. I don't know how that link went bad. I fixed it so you should be able to click through to the article now. Thanks for the heads up.