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  • Discover Slovenia - October 2017

    Storybook Land, Lake Bled, Slovenia


    This photo tour has filled!

    October 15-21, 2017 (with David Cobb)

    Guided by renowned Slovenian photographer, Luka Esenko, we will begin from the capitol city of Ljubljana before heading to Lake Bled and the Julian Alps to photograph the glaciated lakes, stunning gorges, waterfalls, and the iconic island Church of the Assumption on beautiful Lake Bled. We'll explore Triglav National Park, the Soca River Valley, and some of the high passes of the Julian Alps. The lands are dotted with beautiful and picturesque Baroque churches, which can be fabulous subject matter. The trip will end by circling back to Ljubljana to photograph its old town, hilltop castle, and the bustling marketplace.

    MostnicaThere is a maximum of 13 people for this trip. Full price is $2,975. This includes transportation within Slovenia, daily meals, and lodging.

    Click here to register or reserve a spot.

    Want to sign up for both Croatia & Slovenia? Click here. The combined trip is $5,475




  • My Favorite Images of 2013

    Another wonderful year of traveling, exploring, searching, watching, waiting. These are the photographs I took in 2013 which are my favorites. Which is your favorite? (Each image can be viewed larger by clicking on it.)

    Lonely Coast. Late twilight on cliffs edge somewhere on the southern Oregon coast. March. Lonely Coast. Late twilight on a cliff edge somewhere along the southern Oregon coast.
    Fortuna-Falls March. La Fortuna Falls, Costa Rica.
    The-Mighty-and-The-Meek April. The Mighty and The Meek. Trillium growing in the shadow of a towering redwood.
    Tattered-and-Swift May. Tattered and Swift. Thunderstorms looming over Steens Mountain.
    Shadows-Call May. Shadows Call. Spring lupine beneath the stars in the Shasta Valley.
    Gates-of-the-Imnaha June. Gates of The Imnaha. Fleeting spring green in the Imnaha River Canyon.
    Reflection-Lake August. Reflection Lake. A classic sunrise view and reflection of Mt. Rainier.
    Two-Guardians-of-Cape-Arago September. Two Guardians of Cape Arago. Intricate sandstone formations on the Oregon coast illuminated by a fantastic sunrise event.
    Panther-Creek-Falls October. Panther Creek Falls. One of the most delicate and beautiful waterfalls in the Northwest.
    Stillness-and-Light October. Stillness and Light. Compelling geometry, light and color at one of Oregon's most loved landscape scenes.
    Golden November. Golden. A country road disappears into the colors, light and mists of fall in the Rogue Valley.
    Early-Winter December. Early Winters. Alpenglow light at dawn in the central Oregon Cascade Range.
    Sharpened-version December. Ice and Fire. Delicate ice and reflected sunrise light on the Crooked River after an early winter cold snap.


    December 31. The final hours of 2103 spent on the Oregon coast. December 31. End Of A Year. The final hours of 2103 spent on the Oregon coast.
  • Chasing Light - A Presentation at The Ashland Outdoor Store

    Join me on Thursday, November 21 at the Ashland Outdoor Store for an evening of images and stories. I will be sharing the vision and spirit of exploration that guides my search for rare light and dramatic landscapes as well as a glimpse into the techniques I use to create my photographs. The presentation begins at 7:00 PM and is free and open to the public. The Ashland Outdoor Store is located at 37 Third Street, Ashland, Oregon.
    Chasing Light [1.0]

  • Photo Cascadia Reception


    Location: The Cascade Center of Photography

    December 14th, 6-8pm

    Google Map

    Come hang out with the members of Photo Cascadia at a reception at the Cascade Center of Photography. Photo Cascadia consists of six of the top northwest landscape photographers: Chip Phillips, Adrian Klein, David Cobb, Zach Schnepf, Kevin McNeal and Sean Bagshaw. We are all from the Pacific Northwest and share the common interest of photographing the striking beauty of the outdoors, especially the Northwestern United States. It's rare that all six photographers are together in one place.

    Come meet the whole team at the Cascade Center of Photography, 390 SW Columbia Street, Suite 110, Bend, Oregon.

    No registration necessary.

  • Vision of Light Presentation (with Zack Schnepf)

    Autumn-Sunrise-on-the-Deschutes-RiverFriday June 27 2014, 7pm

    Location: Cascade Center of Photography

    390 SW Columbia Street, Suite 110, Bend, Oregon.

    Google Map

    Doors open at 6:30pm

    Sean Bagshaw and Zack Schnepf will present a slide show of their images at the Cascade Center Of Photography. Magical light in the landscape is elusive and difficult to capture, and yet is it the single most important element in a great landscape image. Sean and Zack will discuss their dedication to searching for, seeing and capturing light in the landscape to create their stunning images. They will be sharing some of their favorite rare light images and telling the back story of how each image was created.

    Sign up for the Central Oregon Landscape Photography Workshop with Sean and Zack on June 28 & 29

    Limited space, seat reservation only for workshop participants.

  • Image Developing Workshop Review

    Steve Cole, a photographer based in Washington, recently attended two of my digital image developing classes in Bend, Oregon. Steve is serious about photography and has spent a lot of time researching techniques and developing his skills. He drove to Bend from Seattle hoping that he could add some new techniques and skills to his repertoire.

    Steve, it turns out, is also a very good writer. After the class he was motivated to pen a detailed review of the classes. His description of what goes on during the class and what content was covered is better than I could do myself. For a well written, unsolicited overview of what we were up to in Bend I encourage you to give Steve's article a read.

    Here is a short excerpt. "So were the two classes worth it? Without hesitation, I can say YES. From the minute you first meet him, Sean is friendly and engaging without any elitism or arrogance. He is just a guy who is passionate about nature and photography and who doesn't love that? Before becoming a "pro" photographer 8 years ago, Sean was a middle school teacher and that really shows in his ability to teach and explain concepts."

    As Steve says in the article, I haven't yet scheduled these classes again in the near future. If you have a venue and a group of 10 to 15 people who are interested give me a call.

    Steve's Blog: scolephoto.blogspot.com

    Steve's Website: www.scolephoto.com

  • March Show At Illahe Gallery - Earth Palette

    Last summer I had a private exhibit of my latest photography show entitled Earth Palette in the gallery at Rogue Valley Manor. I am excited to invite you to attend the opening of the first public showing of this body of work. The show will be featured at Illahe Gallery in Ashland, Oregon opening on Friday, March 4, 2011 from 5 to 8 PM.

    Illahe Studios and Gallery is located on the corner of 4th and B Street in Ashland. The show will be on exhibit for the entire month of March so if you miss the opening stop by any time.

    The show consists of a series of my landscape and nature images from locations in the western US that all share a focus on color, light, texture and form. The title of the show, Earth Palette, comes from my experiences photographing in the Painted Hills of central Oregon. The images are vibrant, surreal, dramatic and perhaps in many ways represent my romantic impressions more than a literal representation of the world.
    In keeping with my ongoing interest in moving beyond the traditional in landscape photography, I have created this entire show on a medium that is somewhat new to the art form, namely canvas. All of the images in this show have been printed in large format, some as large as 60 x 40, on gallery wrapped canvas. This gives them a painterly quality very different from what we usually expect from photographs. It is also a more raw and simple presentation, allowing one to view the images without competition from frames or separated by a layer of glass.

    I hope to see you there!

  • Exploring Hart Mountain Wildlife Refuge In Winter

    Admittedly, winter is not my most prolific photography season. Cold, darkness and unpredictable weather often get the better of my psyche and I find myself making excuses or prioritizing office work. However, once or twice a winter I do manage to gear up and head someplace windswept and snowy with my camera. This winter Chuck Porter, one of my oldest and best friends, and I spent a couple days exploring the lonesome high desert in the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge. Back when we were more energetic Chuck and I spent a lot of time climbing cliffs and mountains all over the western US and spurring each other on to complete questionable feats of endurance. Once we hiked the entire length of the Wild and Scenic Rogue River Trail, all 40 plus miles, in a day. Another time we climbed Mt. Shasta, Mt. McLoughlin and Mt. Thielsen in a 21 hour push. These days we are happy just to get out and camp for a weekend and do a little ski touring.

    Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge is a national wildlife refuge on Hart Mountain in southeastern Oregon, which protects more than 422 square miles and more than 300 species of wildlife, including pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, mule deer, sage grouse, and redband trout. The refuge, created in 1936 as a range for remnant herds of pronghorn antelope, spans habitats ranging from high desert to shallow playa lakes, and is among the largest wildlife habitats containing no domestic livestock. Located in a remote region of southeastern Oregon at an elevation over 6,000 feet, Hart Mountain is a wild and desolate place any time of year. In winter, blanketed by snow, it becomes a quite and seemingly endless surreal landscape.

    During our visit, Chuck and I skied through a couple of different areas, both very small in the total scale of the refuge. We talked about coming back one winter and skiing all the way across, but we'll see if I ever get the winter motivation to take that on. The two areas we explored on this visit were the hot springs basin below Warner Peak and Petroglyph Lake. Petroglyph Lake is sheltered on one side by a low cliff band that houses several panels of Native American rock art.

    Instead of going on at length about the skiing, sleeping in the car, eating bad food and all the other standard tales from a trip like this I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. You can click on each image to see it larger and then hit the back button to return to the article.

    Hart Mountain rising out of the clouds above Hart Lake.

    Old building at park headquaters.

    Winter Landscape

    Rok Chuk

    Hotsprings basin black and white

    Meandering hotsprings stream

    Skiing toward Petroglyph Lake

    Desolate and windswept

    Warner Peak above the high desert plain

    Skiing around Petroglyph Lake




    Wind sculpted snow

    Skiing in a snow shower

  • My Favorite Images From 2010

    Despite their ubiquity this time of year, I always look forward to year end reviews in which we, as a society, look back at the previous year and what came of it. There is something intrinsically valuable about the practice of remembering the year gone, both personally and as a community. I appreciate the sense of closure it gives; a sort of taking stock and clearing of the air, a brief pause before barreling toward the future again. We do this for all aspects of life. The media loves to inundate us with lists and images recalling the year in politics, movies, economics, environmental crises and sport. Many of us take stock of what our personal lives brought in the past year as well.

    Like many of my photographer colleagues, much of my year is wrapped up in the places I traveled and the photographs I made. Much effort and time is spent in pursuit of those few defining images that rise above the rest. They alone tell the story of my success or failure to communicate the vision I strive to capture and share. Despite success or failure, it is really about going for the ride. Whatever the outcome I take heart in adding another year to my photography story.

    With those thoughts in mind I share some of my favorite images taken in 2010. Enjoy.

    Camino de Oro

    Camino de Oro, Guanajuato, Mexico

    Lost In A Winter Forest, Crater Lake, Oregon

    Copper Coast, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

    Shasta Lavender, California

    Sparks Lake Columbine, Oregon

    Twilight Grove, Redwood National Park, California

    Unforgettable Fire, Cascade Pass, Washington

    Mineral de Pozos Doorways, Mexico

    Teardrop Of Sky, Bandon, Oregon

    Starvation Creek, Columbia Gorge, Oregon

    Thanks for looking. I'd love to read any comments questions you might like to share, so please post those below. If you're feeling it, please share this blog on your social media site of choice. Here's to 2011!

  • SOPA Presentation, May 11

    Puerto Escondido Lighthouse

    On Tuesday, May 11 at 7:00 pm I will be giving a slide presentation to the Southern Oregon Photographic Association. In images and words, I will share a retrospective of my year in photography. Since last spring I have had some wonderful adventures with my camera including photographing locations in the Columbia Gorge, the Oregon Cascades, Lassen Volcanic National Park, the Utah desert, the Oregon coast, Mexican mining towns and beaches and many great spots right here in the Rogue Valley. In addition to sharing some of my photographic vision of the natural world, I will also tell some tall travel tales and discuss some of the techniques I use to create my images. Call Terry Tuttle at 541-779-3396 or go to www.sopacameraclub.org for information.

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