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The cheetah is an atypical member of the cat family that is unique in its speed, while lacking climbing abilities. It is the fastest land animal, reaching speeds between 70 and 75 mph in short bursts and has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 68 mph in three seconds. Its coarse, short fur is tan with round black spots affording it some camouflage while hunting. The cheetah has a small head with high-set eyes. Black "tear marks" run from the corner of its eyes down the sides of the nose to its mouth to keep sunlight out of its eyes and to aid in hunting and seeing long distances. This image was taken at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon; a wild animal drive-through park that covers 600 acres and houses over 500 animals.

Sean Bagshaw is a respected Southern Oregon Photographer. To inquire about photos from the Rogue Valley, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest CONTACT SEAN

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Cheetah 1 Stock Image

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