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Developing For Extended Dynamic Range 2nd Edition



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The 2nd edition of Developing for Extended Dynamic Range provides instruction in a variety of techniques for working with contrast balance in single exposures as well as multiple exposure blending.

Video files are large! Three separate zip file downloads: 96MB, 675MB and 995MB

NOTE: These videos do not come with the TKActions panel. The TKActions panel is purchased as a separate item through the Tutorials page, along with my other video courses.

Video series includes:

  • Evaluating dynamic range.
  • If, when and how to bracket exposures
  • Raw adjustments and Photoshop adjustments for better dynamic range balance in single exposures.
  • High dynamic range 32bit processing using Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Advanced exposure blending techniques in Photoshop using selections and masks: Simple, complex, forests, water, nighttime cityscape, architectural interiors, trees against sky.
  • Instruction in the use of luminosity selections and luminosity masks for making tonal adjustments and complex exposure blending. Luminosity masks can be generated by hand, but the TKActions panel is much faster and easier. 

While the 2nd edition covers the same core concepts for developing high dynamic range images as the originals, it really is an entirely new video series. All chapters were recorded from scratch and include current information and new images. They videos demonstrate my up to date techniques and are even more extensive than the originals. The updated videos are also higher resolution, have better sound and feature Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC 2014.

Note: Basic proficiency with Photoshop is highly recommended. These tutorials do not teach how to use HDR software. They also do not cover all aspects of Luminosity Masks. They focus mostly on exposure blending applications. For more on using luminosity mask techniques check out The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks.

The series includes:
36 video chapters
Over 6 hours of instruction
1440x900 HD resolution
Practice images

Sample Chapters

Developing For Extended Dynamic Range Table of Contents

1 - Introduction
2 - The Challenge of Dynamic Range
3 - Identifying High Dynamic Range Using a Histogram
4 - Methods For Containing Dynamic Range
5 - Single Exposure Raw Adjustments in Lightroom or Camera Raw
6 - Problems With Single Exposure Tone Shifting
7 - Adjustment Tools in Lightroom/Camera Raw for Local Tonal Balancing
8 - Intro To Single Exposure Tone Balancing in Photoshop
9 - Tonal Balance In Photoshop With Shadows-Highlights
10 - Tonal Balance In Photoshop With Dodge and Burn Layers
11 - Targeted Tonal Balance In Photoshop Using Selections
12 - The Basics of Luminosity Selections and Masks
13 - Tonal Balancing With Luminosity Masks
14 - Double Processing A Single Raw File
15 - When and How To Bracket Multiple Exposures
16 - 32 bit HDR Exposure Blending With Lightroom and Photoshop
17 - Basic Gradient Blending and Free Hand Blending Two Exposures
18 - Blending Two Exposures Using Selections Part 1
19 - Blending Two Exposures Using Selections Part 2
20 - Fixing Skyline Edges
21 - Blending Two Exposures Using Luminosity Selections
22 - Reinforcing The Benefits of Blending Exposures
23 - Blending More Than Two Exposures Part 1
24 - Blending More Than Two Exposures Part 2
25 - Blending More Than Two Exposures Part 3
26 - Complex Blending - Whitewater
27 - Complex Blending - Reflections
28 - Complex Blending - Nighttime Cityscape
29 - Complex Blending - Daytime Forest
30 - Complex Blending - Architectural Interiors
31 - Complex Blending - Trees Against The Sky Part 1
32 - Complex Blending - Trees Against The Sky Part 2
33 - Complex Blending - Trees Against The Sky Part 3
34 - Exposure Blending Panoramas and Focus Stacks
35 - Thoughts On Exposure Blending For Panos and Focus Stacks
36 - Finishing An Image After Exposure Blending (Time



"Several of us were trying to figure out why your tutorials are so excellent. We came to the conclusion that your years of teaching school must be the reason. You're an excellent instructor and make it easy for everyone to grasp these often complex concepts. Thank you Sean!"

- Erik Stensland, Images of Rocky Mountain National Park Gallery

"I have started watching the updated dynamic range videos and they are awesome. The way you explain concepts is brilliant and your examples are top notch. I have already learned quite a few new things, as well as seen things that I knew but have forgotten to apply."
- Brian Bornstein
"Everything you have taught in your video series has made me a better photographer, editor, and a photo printer. I still have a lot more to learn, but you really helped to set a good beginning foundation for me."
- Darrell Uruski

"I have been a fan and beneficiary of your tutorials for many years. They have been such a great help in my photography. You manage to put your views and points across in a very succinct and easy to follow way."
- Colin Grace
"Your teaching approach and the quality of production of your videos are exceptional. I’ve learn a great deal from your videos, please keep up the great work."
- Joe Donovan
"In the digital age we live in, photography is not only about capturing the light, but also proper post-processing techniques. Your videos teach such techniques, and show you how to apply them to convert bits of captured light into a beautiful art”.
- Greg Boratyn
 "I have been trying for a few days now to accurately describe my impressions of your new videos. Frankly, I am wordless. I am a voracious and passionate student of photography and have listened to literally hundreds of video presentations on a variety of photographic subjects. There are only a handful of teaching voices that speak directly to me. I can honestly say that of those few voices that resonate so clearly with me, yours has risen to the top and then some."
- Dave Mitchell