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Developing For Extended Dynamic Range



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These advanced tutorials provide instruction in powerful techniques that will help you overcome limitations cameras have when trying to properly record high contrast light. Techniques include raw adjustments for dynamic range, Photoshop adjustments tonal balance, exposure blending and luminosity masking.

These tutorials do not teach how to use HDR software. The techniques are all based on Photoshop adjustments and layer masking techniques. Proficiency with Photoshop CS is essential. 

Includes 29 video tutorials with over four and a half hours of content. Tutorials are delivered via secure web download.


Developing for Extended Dynamic Range
Table of Contents

01 Introduction
02 Challenge of Dynamic Range Part 1
03 Challenge of Dynamic Range Part 2
04 Identifying Dynamic Range With The Histogram
05 Intro To Single Exposure Techniques
06 RAW Processing For Extended Dynamic Range
07 Shadow And Highlight Tonal Balance
08 Tonal Balance With Curves Adjustment Layers
09 Luminosity Masks Intro 1
10 Luminosity Masks Intro 2
11 Luminosity Masks Intro 3
12 Luminosity Masks Intro 4
13 Putting Luminosity Masks To Work
14 Additonal Thoughts On Using Luminosity Masks
15 Tony Kuyper Luminosity Mask Actions
16 Exposure Blending Intro
17 How To Bracket Exposures
18 Basic Exposure Blending
19 Gradient and Sky Selection Blending
20 Double RAW Processing For Blending
21 Advanced Selections For Blending
22 Blending Using Luminosity Selections 1
23 Blending Using Luminosity Selections 2
24 Blending Using Luminosity Selections 3
25 To Flatten Or Not and Further Processing
26 Blending Using Luminosity Selections 4
27 Blending Using Luminosity Selections 5
28 HDR Software Options