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Lightroom Essentials

Lightroom Essentials


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Lightroom has really come into it's own as a valuable image organization, developing and printing application. More and more photographers are using it all the time, both as a stand alone image editing solution and in conjunction with Photoshop and other software. Folks have been asking me about Lightroom specific instruction for quite some time so this video series is a bit overdue. In the videos I demonstrate all the key elements of Lightroom that are critical in my workflow, from understanding the Lightroom catalog, to creative image developing techniques and even creating fine art prints.

The tutorials include easy to follow instruction on a wide range of topics including:

  • Importing and exporting images
  • Managing a Lightroom catalog
  • Working with image collections
  • Organizing and searching images
  • Creatively developing images
  • Producing slide shows
  • Soft proofing
  • Creating fine art prints

I produced these tutorials first and foremost to illustrate how Lightroom can be used as a complete image editing application, but they will also be valuable for those who use Lightroom in conjunction with Photoshop or other imaging software. Hopefully the videos provide just the right information for people who are just beginning with Lightroom as well as Photoshop users who want to make better use of Lightroom and those who have experience using Lightroom and want to brush up on their skills.

These videos are appropriate for both PC and Mac users. The videos are based in Adobe Lightroom 5 but much of the instruction is also applicable to earlier versions Lightroom.

The tutorial series includes 25 video tutorials with over five and a half hours of content. Tutorials are delivered via secure web download. You can view the intro and some excerpts below. Make sure to watch in HD (720p).

Lightroom Essentials Table of Contents

1 – Lightroom Essentials Introduction
2 - Lightroom Tour
3 - Important Lightroom Settings
4 - Managing Your Lightroom Catalog Part 1
5 - Managing Your LR Catalog Part 2
6 - Importing Images Into a LR Catalog
7 - Exporting Images from a Lightroom Catalog
8 - Library Module- The Layout
9 - Library Module – Collections
10 - Library Module - Using the Toolbar for Image Organization
11 - Library Module - Keywording, Metadata and Filtering
12 - Develop Module - The Layout
13 - Develop Module - Presets, Snapshots, History and Virtual Copies
14 - Develop Module - Histogram, Crop and Spot Removal
15 - Develop Module - Basic Tab and Tone Curve Tab
16 - Develop Module - HSL, Black and White, Split Toning
17 - Develop Module - Detail, Lens Corrections, Effects and Camera Calibration
18 - Develop Module - Grad Filter, Radial Filter and Adjustment Brush
19 - Develop Module - Synchronize Adjustments and Change Defaults
20 - Develop Module - Developing Example 1
21 - Develop Module - Developing Examples 2 and 3
22 - Develop Module - Editing Images Outside of Lightroom
23 - Slideshow Module
24 - Print Module - Layout and Soft Proofing
25 - Print Module - Printing and Print Templates