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Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks 2nd Edition


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Luminosity Mask techniques pioneered by Tony Kuyper provide the highest degree of control over creative image developing and have become an essential image developing tool for me and many top outdoor photographers world wide. I think you will find this video series to be the most comprehensive visual learning resources for luminosity mask techniques available. 

NOTE: This video course is now available at a discounted price and includes the TKActions V4 panel. The TKActions V5/V6 panel is purchased as a separate item on the Tutorials page, along with my other video courses.

Video series includes:

  • 4.5 hours of video in 27 chapters
  • MP4 video format
  • 1440 x 900 HD video resolution
  • Practice images
  • Topics range from the basic construction of luminosity masks to their artistic application with different adjustment layers
  • The most complete resource for advanced techniques using luminosity masks.

While the 2nd edition covers the same core concepts for luminosity masks as the 1st edition, it is an entirely new video series which includes current information, new images and demonstrates my current techniques. The 2nd edition is also higher resolution, has better sound and features Photoshop CC and the V4 TKActions Panel. The techniques also work great in CS6. Tutorials are delivered by download.

"Great work on the second edition of Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks. The lessons are very clear, have a good pace, and are the right duration. I think the 5-15 min chapter length is a good amount to digest. The V4 TKActions panel is also very impressive. Keep up the good work!"  -Michael Nashner,


Table of Contents 

1 - Introduction
2 – A Message from Tony Kuyper
3 - Getting Started and Important Settings
4 - Luminosity Masks and the TKActions Panel
5 - Luminosity Masks - What They Are and What They Do
6 - How To Make Luminosity Selections and Masks
7 - About 16-bit Luminosity Masks
8 - Beginning Concepts in Luminosity Mask Workflow
9 - Selecting the Right Luminosity Mask
10 - Understanding Luminosity Masks and Contrast
11 - Balancing High Contrast with Luminosity Masks
12 - Maintaining and Increasing Contrast with Luminosity Masks
13 - Color Based Adjustments Part 1
14 - Color Based Adjustments Part 2
15 - Clarity and Sharpening Adjustments Part 1
16 - Clarity and Sharpening Adjustments Part 2
17 - Using Mid-Tone and Off-Center Masks
18 - Making Adjustments With Zone Masks
19 - Customizing and Localizing Luminosity Masks
20 - Custom Masks - Increasing Tone Separation
21 - Custom Masks - Filling a Mask
22 - Custom Masks - Overlay Painting
23 - Localizing Adjustments - Painting a Mask
24 - Localizing Adjustments - Masking a Mask
25 - Localizing Adjustments - Luminosity Painting
26 - Intro to Exposure Blending and Luminosity Masks
27 - Complete Workflow Example

Sample Videos: These samples stream from YouTube at a resolution of 720p HD.