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Photoshop, Lightroom & TKActions

In my previous career I was a science teacher. I put that experience to use in my Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorials, sharing the knowledge and techniques I have learned through years of study, practice and collaboration with colleagues.

NOTE: It takes quite a bit of time to produce each of my tutorial courses. I complete a few new courses in any given year and more tutorials are always in the works. Also make sure to check out the videos I share on my YouTube channel and subscribe. 


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Video Tutorials

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Complete Workflow Series

The Complete Workflow Series

CWF Secret Beach + CWF Northland + CWF Lake Bled

Package includes all of my complete workflow video courses for the last three versions of TKActions panels for the price of one. Each course takes you through the complete processing of an image from start to finish and is full of ideas for using luminosity masks and other techniques to create extraordinary images. In each multi-chapter course, flat RAW files lacking color and contrast are transformed into dynamic images with dramatic light, contrast, and color. The TKActions panel is used throughout the process showing its role in a creative workflow. Click the thumbnails above to get more info and see samples from each series.

Large download. Fast Internet connection recommended.

  • Includes 3 complete videos series--Secret Beach, Northland, and the newest, Lake Bled featuring the TKActions V6 Panel.
  • RAW files included to follow along from start to finish.
  • Back-story and insightful thought process behind how to develop each image.
  • Demonstration of process for creating dramatic skies that blend perfectly with the rest of the image.
  • An in depth look at using masks, brushes, and organized layers in a non-destructive image-developing process.
  • Numerous examples of generating, selecting, and applying different luminosity masks to produce targeted effects in the image.
  • Extensive use of the TKActions panel provides creative control within Photoshop.
  • Over 6 hours of high quality video instruction.

NOTE: These videos do not include the TKActions panel. The panel is purchased separately below.


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Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks

Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks, 2nd Edition 

(Videos feature use of TKActions V4 panel but the techniques also apply to the V5/V6 panels)

A comprehensive video series explaining advanced luminosity mask techniques.More info...

NOTE: These videos are now discounted and come with the TKActions V4 panel. All the techniques can also be accomplished with the newer V5/V6 panels which can be purchased separately below.




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Extended Dynamic Range

Developing for Extended Dynamic Range, 2nd Edition 

(Videos feature use of TKActions V3 panel but the techniques also apply to the V5/V6 panel)

The 2nd edition of Developing for Extended Dynamic Range provides instruction in a variety of techniques for multiple exposure blending as well as working with tonal balance in single exposures.  More info...

NOTE: These videos do not include the TKActions panel. The panel is purchased separately below.




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Lightroom Essentials

Lightroom Essentials

The tutorials include easy to follow instruction on a wide range of topics including: Importing and exporting images, Managing a Lightroom catalog, Working with image collections, Organizing and searching images, Creatively developing images, Producing slide shows and Soft proofing. More info...




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 If you are brand new to TKActions and Luminosity Masks I recommend working through my learning materials in the following sequence:

1. Start by viewing this video on my YouTube channel to get acquainted with the basic concept of luminosity masks.

2. Get the free Basic V6 Panel and watch the videos that come with it.

3. Purchase the V6 Panel and work through the V6 Video Guide to become familiar with all the features and functions of the full V6 panel.

4. Take a look at the TKActions Quick Tip videos on my YouTube channel.

5. Work through Complete Workflow: Lake Bled, (part of the Complete Workflow Series) a complete workflow for a single image using the V6 Panel.

6. After this you will be ready for videos such as Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks 2nd edition, Developing for Extended Dynamic Range and the other Complete Workflow courses, which feature older versions of the TKActions panel but can be applied to the current panel by more experienced users.

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TKActions basic

TK Basic V6 Panel Free!

  • Includes the new TKActions Basic V6 panel to easily make 16-bit luminosity masks using a real-time, mask-based interface.
  • User interface, workflow sections, core processor, and deployment options mirror the new V6 RapidMask2 module.
  • Also contains instructions PDF, installation guides, best practices for color management, and training videos by Sean Bagshaw.
  • Panels for both Photoshop CC and CS6 are included in the download folder.
  • This is a good option for Photoshop users new to luminosity masks to see how easy it is to work with these techniques using a TKActions extension panel.
  • More info...


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TK Basic V6 Panel

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TKActions V6 panel for Photoshop CC

  • Includes all modules for the TKActionsV6  panel.
  • Instructions PDF, installation directions, color set-up info, and introductory videos by Sean Bagshaw are included.
  • Works on both Mac and Windows computers. However, this V6 product is only for Photoshop CC. It will not work in Photoshop CS6.
  • TKActions provides a mask-based interface using the advanced Rapid Mask engine to create 16-bit luminosity masks. The panel also includes automation of Photoshop menu commands, web-sharpening, and access to many creative actions.
  • After installation of the V6 panel, use the "TK" button in the Control module to access instructions and additional free content.
NOTE: Check out the "V6 Video Guide" below for complete video instruction for the V6 panel.


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PS CC V6 Panel

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V6 Video Guide

V6 Video Guide

Video series providing a full overview of the TKActions V6 panel.

  • 22 video tutorials cover installing, features, button-by-button details, and how to use the TKActions V6 panels.
  • 3+ hours of in depth instruction.
  • MP4 format for compatibility with most video players.
  • Practice images included.
NOTE: This does not include the panel. That's available separately above or in a combo product below.


V6 Video Guide

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TKV6 + Video Guide
Save $10

V6 panels for PS CC + V6 Video Guide

TKV6 + V6 Video Guide


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V6 Panel + Video Guide

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TKActions V5 CS6

TKActions V5 panel for Photoshop CS6+ Sean Bagshaw's V5 Video Guide

TKV5/V6 + V5 Video Guide
  • Includes the TKActions V5 panel designed to work in Photoshop CS6.
  • Includes Sean Bagshaw's V5 Video Guide for detailed instructions on using the V5 panel.
  • Generates advanced 16-bit luminosity masks, runs Photoshop, plays creative actions, perfectly sharpens images for the web, and much more.
  • Performs most of the same functions at the V6 panel but uses modules that still work in Photoshop CS6.
  • Instructions PDF, color management practices for luminosity masks, and PDF versions of all tutorials by Tony Kuyper are included.
NOTE: This CS6 panel will NOT work in PS CC.


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CS6 V5 Panel + Videos

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"I could probably fill up an external drive with your videos alone and have recommended them to all my photo friends. Bottom line, in my opinion, you have the BEST INSTRUCTIONAL videos on the market. Your presentations are always excellent and easy to follow. Your pronunciation and speed are also excellent. I have taken my post processed pictures to a whole new level thanks to you."

- John Gilbert

"You guys really hit it out of the park with the latest release of Tony’s panel and Sean’s training/tutorial video. The panel is impeccably designed and Sean’s video is extremely comprehensive. All of this at such an incredibly fair price. Thank you for the effort you’ve both put forth through the years, in providing tools to make us better artists."

- James Kirkish, The Shuttered Image

"I have enjoyed your videos so much and learned so much from them. I absolutely love your processing techniques and your photographic style. Your images have inspired me tremendously. Thanks for all your efforts. I'm not sure how you do it all but, nevertheless, I'm glad you do! "

- Richard Brewer

"I have now gone through the various videos I have purchased from your website. I wish to state my total satisfaction with them, in relation to the content, level of detail and clarity. A rare examples of outstanding training instruments and well worth the money it costs. And I am not known for paying compliments easily ..."

- Olivio Argenti, Fellow and Italian Chapter President, Royal Photographic Society

"I’ve gone through all of your Luminosity Mask videos now…twice. Not because I don’t understand them, but because they are absolutely incomparable. 100% meat with no fat, organized to build on the previous tutorials perfectly. You are very clear, concise, and to the point in your explanations. You have a good lecturing voice as well. Keep sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm, and may our paths cross one day."

- Jay Reeves

"I wanted to send a quick thank you and to say that your tutorials are amazing. I was wanting to learn more about luminance masking so I started with that series of videos, and after watching them and realizing how clearly everything was explained, I purchased your others. Even going back to the basics/workflow progression was great - as a self-taught Photoshop user there were lots of little things that I picked up from your videos and my entire editing process has changed for the better. I was reluctant to purchase video tutorials given the abundance of free videos on YouTube but yours truly are the next-level."

- Steve Nicholls

"I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful video tutorials you developed on luminosity masks and associated techniques. I recently purchased Tony Kuyper's great luminosity mask set but was having a difficult time fully understanding how to best use these amazing tools. Your tutorials were extremely helpful and insightful. While I expect it will still take some time to learn how to use luminosity masks to their full potential, I believe the videos will help me get there."

- Tamer Ghoneim

"I wanted to write and thank you for making the luminosity tutorial videos. I purchased Tony's Action panel awhile back and kind of understood the concepts, but after purchasing your videos, I am finding out how much I didn't know. They are very well done, and I love that I am able stop and rewatch portions when I need to. I am excited now to start using these methods more."

- Andrea Linderman

"I got The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks and I have to say it's probably the best video tutorial I've ever used. I really appreciate how you broke out the subjects into quick demonstrations so that I can go back and revisit sections that I need help with later. Your videos really teach how to bring back RAW images to the reality we perceive in person. I'm so grateful you took the time to put these together. Your videos not only expanded my photoshop skills but my artistic vision."

- Cody Wilson

"Sean’s videos [The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks] excellent accompaniment to not just Tony's luminosity mask actions but also Tony’s initial PDF notes. The series takes each aspect of Tony's notes and covers it again via a video tutorial and Sean has a good, logical way of guiding the viewer through the use and application of the masks. The videos are broken down into short segments so it's also easy to jump around when you want to re visit something later on without hunting through hours of footage."

- Alex Hare

"I just made the most influential purchase I ever made in my life as a photographer / digital darkroom enthusiast. I appreciate your elegant way of explaining things and making sense all the way through with ease."

- Mofeed Qasem

"They [The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks videos] are awesome and I have learned so much. Sean, apart from the great images, the structure, procedure, process and explanation of the videos is outstanding."

- Denis Hogan

"I've had The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks videos for almost a week now. They are fantastic! I believe that I may finally have the keys to better understanding of Tony's concepts. Thanks!!"

- Greg Waddell

"The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks is absolutely “first class.” The series starts with a basic understanding of luminosity mask selections/adjustments and gradually builds up to some super advanced techniques. Sean’s teaching talent provides an easy understanding of the luminosity masks techniques and action panel in a nicely paced video series. It will take your post processing to a level you would never believe you could achieve."

- Dan Charnitsky,

"Thank you for the best tutorials and personal follow up I have found! After going through photomatix, On One, etc.. I have come home to the best post- processing available, all due to the generosity of individuals such as you, Zack Schnepf and Tony Kuyper wiling to share your knowledge and save many of us so much time for such a great value."

- Gary Thompson

"You've made valuable additions to the original [workflow] tutorials. I like how you provide multiple techniques to accomplish the same effect: for example in the local contrast lesson, you demonstrate the effect of curves adjustment layers, USM, and high pass sharpening, and then mention which methods you prefer and why. Also providing all of the practice images used in the lessons and a master image with all layers is very helpful."

- Justin Krug

"I only discovered the work of todays guest early in 2011, and immediately purchased his video tutorials on Extending Dynamic Range in Landscape Photography. To say this was a life-changing discovery is not over-stating the truth."

- Alister Benn, Available Light Images Podcast

"After 40+ years as a passionate "old-school" photographer I can say without question that Sean and this set of tutorials he has created were the key ingredients in my transition to the, "New World"...and in no small measure! Previously , I struggled the entire time; thousands of gorgeous exposures, but no matter how many darkroom hours or photo lab try-outs I invested in, every print fell so far short of my vision that I continued to shoot simply for the fun of the capture alone. If you have the passion but lack the results to prove it, these tutorials will change your LIFE! Sean has the gifted ability of explaining complex concepts in a straight-forward and easy to understand manner. I can't thank you enough Sean."

- Larry J Carpenter

"I've gone through Sean's video tutorials, and all I can say is "Wow." They showed me how to do things I was already doing but now I can do them faster, easier and better. I was even more amazed with the things the tutorials showed me that I could do in Photoshop that I didn't even know were possible. All of this resulted in me being able to produce images, for both the web and print, which were superior to what I had been doing before. The techniques have really made an improvement in my images."

- Jeff Colburn

"Sean, thank you for taking the time to create these tutorials and make them available to other photographers. I found them concise and very understandable. I wish I could put into words the enhancements I have made to my workflow. Additionally, the workflow changes have greatly affected how I now shoot in the field."

- Gary Olejniczak

"This [Extending Dynamic Range] has got to be one of the best tutorials I have seen regarding this subject! I especially like the videos covering Channel [Luminosity] Masking which has been problematic for me for quite sometime."

- Lowell Franga

"Useful and easy to follow videos. I like the idea that I can go back and review the steps whenever I want to."

- Iris Greenwell